Your own private drugstore
Yes, your marvelous body makes every drug and chemical you need to lead a healthy, happy life. According to David Simon, MD, ”The human body has an internal pharmacy…it’s more powerful than the outer pharmacy. When we are healthy our bodies can produce anti-depressant drugs, anti-anxiety drugs, immune-enhancing drugs, digestive system normalizing drugs, sleep-inducing drugs. Most new pharmaceuticals are designed to mimic the body’s natural internal pharmacy.”

Your brain and many of your internal organs, hormones, glands and tissues work together to keep your internal pharmacy functioning properly. Your body needs healthy, natural, nutrient dense foods (as opposed to refined, artificial “junk” foods) as raw building materials and proper energy and communications to coordinate operations. 

The quality of your raw materials (food) comes from your conscious choices about what to eat and drink. How do you ensure the quality of your internal communications? That’s the role of your chiropractor. 
Chiropractic is a powerful way to free your spine and nerves of nerve interference caused by vertebral subluxations (spinal misaligments).

If you have subluxations in your body, you cannot function at your best. To help keep your (and your loved ones) immune system and natural healing ability functioning at their optimum with high resistance to disease – get a chiropractic spinal checkup.

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Back surgery or no-surgery = No difference
64 patients with chronic lower-back pain and disc degeneration were given spinal fusion surgery or non-surgical therapy. There was no difference in the outcomes of both groups, except the cost of the non- surgical group was much cheaper, with no complications.

“The main outcome measure showed equal improvement in patients with chronic low back pain and disc degeneration,” whether or not the patients had surgery or non-surgical care. The findings suggest that back pain treatment costs could be reduced, but also that many patients may no longer need to undergo surgery.” 

Imagine what the results could have been if they used chiropractic?

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According to Martha Collins, DC, Kingston, Ontario, chiropractic care through pregnancy is not only safe, it is essential.

“We can look at the implications of misalignment from a biomechanical, hormonal, and neurological standpoint,” Collins says. “It is easy for all of us to see postural changes through pregnancy. What we can’t see are the millions of different hormonal changes and chemical reactions occurring both in the mother and the developing baby – all of which are controlled and coordinated through the nervous system.”

One study found that women who receive chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had 24% shorter labor times than those who did not receive chiropractic care. In addition, multiparous subjects (those who have given birth two or more times) reported 39% shorter labor times.

Furthermore, 84% of women who received chiropractic care reported relief of back pain during pregnancy.

“As the pregnancy goes on, ligaments and tendons loosen to prepare for the ultimate childbirth, and the back in some women can become quite unstable,” says Corrie Horshinski, DC, who recommends regular chiropractic adjustments for sufferers of pregnancy-related sciatica. “Some women get better with a couple of visits; but for those with severe sciatica, monthly visits are recommended.” 

According to Horshinski, women who exercise regularly and do not overeat before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy may have an easier time dealing with the discomforts of their condition, because those with good muscle tone are better able to support their body structure and have more control over their range of motion during a sciatica attack.

Although a few women with severe forms of sciatica may receive prescriptions to relieve pain, Horshinski prefers to stay away from pharmaceuticals during pregnancy. Instead, she recommends soft-tissue massages, bed rest, and wet heat alternated with ice-pack applications to help calm muscle and nerve spasms. 

References: Martha Collins, DC, Kingston, Ontario Chiropractic Economics 2005

Healthy Knees Need Chiropractic

It’s between your hips and your feet: where the bottom of your thigh meets the top of your lower leg bones (tibia and fibula). Right there sits an odd shaped joint with a strange little bone (the patella) floating in front of it. Well, not exactly floating - all those bones are strapped together with lots of ligament so everything stays in place.

It’s your knee of course and its main purpose is to be dislocated, jammed, twisted, cause immense pain and ruin your life.

Of course we’re just kidding, but for many people knee problems are a constant part of their lives. What causes knee problems? Usually an injury. Let’s face it, people were not designed to run into each other (or a wall) chasing a little ball (football, soccer, etc.), get twisted into the shape of a pretzel (wrestling) or run, quick stop, turn, run, quick stop, turn over and over (tennis, squash, etc.).

And how many people were quietly driving their car when a tree or telephone pole suddenly ran into their paths and Mr. Knee met Ms. Dashboard? The numbers are high.

There are many ways your wonderful knees can be a source of misery. If your knees aren’t healthy and balanced your entire body structure, hips, back, neck, head, even feet and toes can be affected. In fact, many spinal problems can be traced to knee injuries even if they occurred in childhood. 

Many times the knees feel fine, but they are the cause of a structural imbalance that causes other body areas to suffer.

The reverse may also be true – an unhealthy, unbalanced spinal column can put intense pressure on one or both knees, causing early aging (arthritic changes). 
Don’t walk around in misery, and before you consider risky knee surgery see your doctor of chiropractic. Your DC is especially trained to keep your body structure balanced and aligned. That includes your knees.