Chiropractic addresses spinal misalignment or vertebral subluxations. Subluxations can be caused by a difficult birth, a fall as a child, sports accidents – just about any trauma has the potential to distort your body structure and stress your nervous system. Since nerves from your spine go to all your organs and affect your entire body function, a subluxation can contribute to a disease process, compromise overall body function, lower resistance to colds and flu and result in excessive wear and tear to your system (premature aging). You can have a subluxation for years before you notice any problems and by that time you may have serious heath problems.  

Chiropractors are the only primary healthcare providers that are able to analyze the body for subluxations (spinal misalignments). Chiropractic adjustments, correct the subluxation, releasing the stress, removing nerve interference, balancing your structure and improving the function of your body and nervous system.

On your First Visit

In order to learn more about you, on your first visit we request that you complete a health interview, an SEMG evaluation, have a set of X-rays taken and discuss your condition with Dr. Roediger. Dr. Roediger will recommend a treatment plan to address your health issues.

Dr. Roediger will normally adjust you using an "Activator". This method of treatment is generally preferred due to its more "gentle"approach. This method of treatment also allows Dr Roediger to adjust both younger and older patients who are more sensitive to the traditional forms of chiropractic treatment.

For your first visit, please allow 60-90 minutes, subsequent visits should require approximately 10-15 minutes.